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CFTP graphical abstract

CFTP graphical abstract

We work closely with partner facilities:

The Core Facility Translational Proteomics is affiliated with the Institute for Translational Proteomics at the Department of Medicine of Philipps-Universität Marburg and collaboratively offers two technology platforms for biomedical research.

On the one hand, we offer mass spectrometry-based methods for the quantitative analysis of complex protein mixtures independent of the biological system of origin. With respect to sample complexity and analytical requirements, the samples we handle range from interactome studies, via global expression proteomics to global analysis of post-translational modifications.

With the affinity proteomic platform Olink Explore™ we provide a second technology option for the targeted, comparative analysis of approximately 3000 human proteins in body fluids and in particular blood. In comparison to mass spectrometry, the platform performs particularly well with respect to cohort-compatible paralellization and identification depth into the abundance range of cytokines.

For both platforms we are a “one-stop-shop” and cover from experimental design, via sample preparation and analysis to biostatistic downstream analysis the entire spectrum of steps necessary for the generation of biomedically actionable hypotheses.