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Mass Spectrometry Sample Submission Form

  1. Always discuss the experimental design and sample handling with the staff of CFTP before sample delivery.
  2. Fill out the provided Sample Submission Form thoroughly.
  3. Label samples for delivery according to the Sample_ID from the Sample Submission Form.
  4. Labels should be placed on top of the Eppendorf tube (ideally also on the side). Please do not wrap the Eppendorf tubes additionally with any sticky tape.
  5. Use Safe-Lock Eppendorf tubes. Always.
  6. If EV samples or FACS-sorted cells are delivered, use 500 ul tubes (not 1.5 ml) if possible.
  7. Please send the form to Witold Szymanski in a new email conversation with the subject like:

    (for example: ag_graumann/szymanski/testproj/001)

  8. Print this form and bring it together with the samples.
  9. Sign and send the Nutzungsordnung document that was attached to the submission request email. Failure to do so will result in no acceptance of the project.
  10. According to the Nutzungsordnung document of the CFTP, samples must be classed as BSL1/S1. For patient material, this implies testing negative for Hepatitis A/B and HIV. Deviations must absolutely be discussed with the CFTP head.

Download: MS Sample Submission Form

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