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Mass Spectrometry Sample Submission Form

  1. All samples submitted are classified BSL1/S1 (biological safety level1 1). Deviations must absolutely be discussed with the head of the CFTP.
  2. Prior to sample handover, experimental design and sample generation absolutely have been discussed with the staff of the CFTP.
  3. This Sample Submission Sheet below has been filled carefully.
  4. Samples are submitted in Safe-Lock Eppendorf tubes. No Exceptions.
  5. Samples representing extracellular vesicles (EVs) or FACS sorted cells: Samples are provided in the smallest possible volume and 500 ul tubes.
  6. Labeling of samples handed over exactly reflects what is listed in column Sample# of the submission form.
  7. Samples are labeled on tube lids and sides, both. No sticky/scotch tape is used.
  8. This form is emailed to Witold Szymanski in a fresh email conversation/thread using ag_group-surname-project-00# as in ag_graumann-szymanski-test-001, with the project component not exceeding 6 characters.
  9. A printed copy of the sample submission form is included with the samples at hand-over.
  10. A required, signed copy of the user rules attached to the submission request is included with the samples at hand-over.

Download: MS Sample Submission Form